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Cen Accessories And Upgrade Parts
Cen accessories and upgrade parts including mufflers, cylinders, engines, and more.
G70313 75cc Fuel Tank w/stone
G70314 Air Filter
G70315 CT4 & TR4 Filter Tank 75cc.
G70316 FUN FACTOR 75cc Fuel Tank
G70318 Silencer 12(A) Class (for GP)
G70319 Silencer 12(B) Class
G70320 Silencer 15(A) Class
G70321 Silencer 21 Class
G70322 Manifold 10-12 Class
G70323 Mainifold 10-12 Class
G70324 Mainifold 15 Class
G70325 Mainifold 21 Class
G70326 Silicon Exhaust Coupler
G70327 Cooling Header 12 CV(Blue)
G70329 Cooling Header For 15RX
G70330 Silicon Color Tube (2x5)
G70331 Air Filter 10-15 Class
G70332 Silicon Color Tube (2x4)
G70333 Flexible Manifold
G70334G Colored Exhaust Pipe (Green)
G70334P Colored Exhaust Pipe (Pink)
G70334Y Colored Exhaust Pipe (Yellow)
G70335G Colored Air Filter Tube(Green)
G70335P Colored Air Filter Tube(Pink)
G70335Y Colored Air FilterTube(Yellow)
G70336 Manifold TR4/GX1/RS4 (Black)
G70337 NX-12S Engine
G70337-02 Cylinder Head (NX12S)
G70337-03 Cylinder Head Gasket (NX12S)
G70337-04 Piston Pin (NX12S)
G70337-05 Lock Nut for Carb.(NX12S)
G70337-07 Connecting Rod (NX12S)
G70337-08 Piston & Cylinder (NX12S)
G70337-09 Crank Case (NX12S)
G70337-10 Carburator (Rotating)
G70337-11 Oneway Start Shaft (NX12S)
G70337-13 Rear Cover (Pull Start engine)
G70337-14 Rear Cover Gasket(NX12S)
G70337-15 Crank Shaft (Pull Starter eng)
G70337-16 Rear Ball Bearing
G70337-17 Front Ball Bearing
G70337-20 Drive Washer
G70337-21 Carburator Main Case (Rotate)
G70337-22 Carburator Main Needle Set
G70337-23 Carburator Slow Needle(Rotate)
G70337-30 Recoil Assembly
G70337-31 One Way Hub (NX12S)
G70337-32 Recoil Spring
G70337-33 Throttle Stop Screw
G70337-34 Starter Rope
G70337-40 Cylinder Head Screw
G70337-41 Rear Cover Screw
G70337-42 Drive Nut M5
G70338 NX-12B Engine
G70338-02 Cylinder Head (Black) (NX-12B)
G70338-10 Carburator (Sliding Type)
G70338-21 Carburator Main Case (Sliding)
G70338-23 Carburator Slow Needle(Slide)
G70339 NX-12P (Green Thunder Engine)
G70339-13 Rear Cover (NX-12P)
G70339-15 Carnk Shaft (NX-12P)
G70340 NX-16 Marine Engine w/ Recoil
G70340-02 NX-16 Cylinder Head (Water-Coo
G70340-03 NX-16 Head Gasket
G70340-04 NX-16 Piston Pin
G70340-07 NX-16 Connecting Rod
G70340-08 NX-16 Piston/Sleeve Asembly
G70340-09 NX-16 Crankcase
G70340-15 NX-16 Crank Shaft
G70340-19 NT-16 Cylinder Head Button
G70340-30 NT-18/NX-16 Recoil Assembly
G70340-40 NX-16 Cylinder Head Screw
G70341 Cooling Head for GX1(Green)
G70342 Cooling Head for HPI (Gold)
G70343 NT-16 Engine (rotary)
G70343-02 Cylinder Head(NT-16)
G70343-09 Crank Case(NT-16)
G70344 NT-18 Marine Engine
G70344-02 NT-18 Cylinder head
G70344-03 NT-18 Cylinder head gasket
G70344-04 NT-18 Piston pin
G70344-07 NT-18 Connecting rod
G70344-08 NT-18 Piston and cylinder wall
G70344-09 NT-18 Crank case
G70344-19 NX 3.0 Cylinder Head Button
G70344B NT-18 Engine
G70345 Cooling Head for NT-16(violet)
G70346 NX-16 cooling head (blue)
G70347 NT-18 cooling head (violet)
G70348 NT-16 Engine (sliding)
G70348-33 Screw
G70349 NX-15 Engine (CT-4S)
G70349-02 NX-15 Cylinder Head
G70349-03 NX-15 Cylinder Head Gasket
G70349-04 NX-15 Piston Pin
G70349-05 NX-15 Lock Nut for Carb.
G70349-07 Connecting Rod
G70349-08 Piston and Cylinder
G70349-09 Crank Case
G70349-10 Carburetor
G70349-11 One way Start Shaft
G70349-13 Rear cover
G70349-14 Rear cover gasket
G70349-15 Carnk shaft
G70349-16 Rear ball bearing
G70349-17 Front ball bearing
G70349-18 Exhaust seal ring (CT-4S)
G70349-20 Flywheel Collet(CT-4S)
G70349-21 Carburetor main case
G70349-30 Recoil assembling
G70349-31 One way hub
G70349-32 Recoil spring
G70349-34 Starter rope
G70349-40 Cylider head screw
G70349-41 Rear cover screw
G70349-43 Pilot screw
G70351 Manifold (Rear Exhaust)-Silver
G70351B Manifold (Rear Exhaust)-black
G70351C Manifold(Rear Exhaust)-Copper
G70351D Manifold
G70352 Alum. Tuned Pipe (Silver)_
G70352B Alum. Tuned Pipe (BLACK}_
G70352C Alum. Tuned Pipe(Copper)(CT-4R
G70354-02 Cylinder Head
G70354-08 Cylinder and Piston Set
G70354-09 Crank Case
G70354-10 Carburetor Assembly
G70354-13 Rear Cover
G70354-14 Rear Cover O-Ring
G70354-15 Crank Shaft(SG)
G70356 NX3.0 (.18) For Car
G70357 Engine NX-76(7.6CC)
G70357-02 Cylinder Head
G70357-03 Cylinder Head Gasket
G70357-04 Piston Pin
G70357-05 Lock Nut For Carb
G70357-06 Main Needle
G70357-07 Connecting Rod
G70357-08 Piston and Cylinder
G70357-09 Crank Case
G70357-10 Carburetor
G70357-11 One Way Start Shaft
G70357-12 Slow Needle
G70357-13 Rear Cover
G70357-14 Rear Cover Gasket
G70357-15 Carnk Shaft
G70357-16 Rear Ball Bearing
G70357-17 Front Ball Bearing
G70357-18 Exhaust seal Ring
G70357-20 Drive Parts
G70357-21 Carburetor Main Case
G70357-22 Carburetor Main Needle Set
G70357-23 Carburetor Slow Needle Set
G70357-30 Recoil Assembling
G70357-31 One Way Hub
G70357-32 Recoil Spring
G70357-33 Throttle Stop Screw
G70357-34 Starter Rope
G70357-40 Cylinder Head Screw
G70357-41 Rear Cover Screw
G70358 Rotor-Tech Starter Set
G70358-01 Starter Body
G70358-02 Battery Cover
G70358-03 Starter Shaft
G70358-04 Motor & Switch Unit
G70358-05 Starter Gear Set
G70359 Back plate Assembly
G70359-01 Back Case
G70359-02 Back Pinion Gear
G70359-03 Back Gear/ Hex 14 Hole
G70360 Engine NX-26
G70403 Plug H. Set 1800MAH
G70404 Plug H. Set 4000MAH
G70408 Handy Fuel Pump
G70411 Alum. Field Box (S)
G70412 Aluminum Field Box (L)
G70413B R/C Car Tool Bag (Blue)
G70413R R/C Car tool Bag (Red)
G70414KG Receiver Bag (Green)
G70414KP Receiver Bag (Pink)
G70414KY Receiver Bag (Yellow)
G70415 Attractor Starter
G70417 Curve Scissors
G70424 Plug H.w/Meter,w/o Batt.
G70427 500cc Fuel Bottle
G70429 Super Glow Plug
G70429B Super Glow Plug Pack (10)
G70430 Glow Plug Wrench
G70431 Ni-Cd battery (7.2V-1800mAh)
G70433 GP Accessory Pack (A)
G70434 1/10 RC Bag With 2 inner Boxes
G73901 16Ball Bearing 5x8x2.5
G73902 Ball Bearing 5x10x4
G73903 Ball Bearing 8x14x4
G73904 Thrust Bearing SST940
G73905 CR. Ball 5mm (6pcs.)
G73906 Ball Bearing 5x11x4
G73907 Ball Bearing 10x15x4
G73908 Bearing 12x18x4
G73911 Ball 3/32(20pcs)(CT-4R)"
G73912 Ball 1/16 (CT-4R)"
G73914 Ball Bearing 8x16x5
G73915 Ball Bearing 10x19x7
G73916 Ball Bearing 6x13x5
G73917 Ball Bearing 6x10x3
G82107 2CH MIRAGE2000
G82108 Stand Servo
G82109 2CH AM Receiver
G82117 Conquest 775 for Cars
G82119 Conquest ESC
G82122 High Torque 10kg-cm Servo
G82129 Conquest ESC
G82130 Safequard
G83118 Motor SR-550
G83119 Motor Mabuchi 540
G83121 HOTOP Motor 16T/Double
G83122 Motor RS-775
G83123 Motor 550(with cooling fan)
G84202 Shock Plastic Parts
G84232 Hexagon Wrench Set
G84233 1.5 mm Hexagon Spanner(BLUE)
G84234 2.0mm Hexagon Spanner(RED)
G84235 2.5mm Hexagon Spanner(GOLD)
G84236 3.0mm Hexagon Spanner(GREEN)
G84245 White Wheel (5 Spokes)
G84246 White Wheel (6 Spokes)
G84249R Wheel (5 Spokes/Red)
G84249S Wheel 5 Spokes/Silver
G84249Y Wheel (5 Spokes/Yellow)
G84250 Colorful Spring Set 30 mm
G84251 55 mm Ultimate Oil Damper
G84252R 55 mm Oil Damper (Red)
G84252V 55 mm Oil Damper (Violet)
G84253 0.05'' Hexagon Spanner
G84255 Wheel (6 Spokes/Silver)
G84256 Wheel (10 Y /Silver)
G84257 Wheel (16 Spokes/Silver)
G84259 Wheel (16 Spokes)
G84260 Wheel (10 Spokes)
G84262 Titanium Adjust Rod 20 mm.
G84263 Titanium Adjust Rod 30 mm.
G84264 Titanium Adjust Rod 40 mm.
G84265 Titanium Adjust Rod 50 mm.
G84271 Titanium Adjust Rod 15 mm.
G84285 Wheels (6 spokes-gold)
G84286 Wheels(10Y-gold)
G84287 Wheels(16 spokes-gold)
G84288 Street Tires
G84289 V Street Tires
G84290 Threaded Alum.Shocks(CT-4R)
G84291 Sport Shocks(CT-4S)
G84302 2-Speed Trans. (Super10)
G84302-01 Shaft Clutch Unit.
G84302-02 2nd Gear Hub
G84302-03 Spur Gear T38 (Yellow)
G84302-04 1st Gear Hub
G84302-05 Spur Gear T41(Red)
G84302-06 Clutch Bell
G84302-07 Pinion Gear T18 /M12(Black)
G84302-08 Pinion Gear T15 (Gold)
G84302-09 Main Shaft (Super 10)
G84302-10 Spacer 6x8x4
G84302-11 Pilot Shaft
G84302-12 Shaft Clutch Spring
G84302-31 Spur Gear T39(Gray)
G84302-32 Spur Gear T42(Green)
G84302-33 Pinion Gear T14(Blue)
G84302-34 Pinion Gear T16(Violet)
G84302-35 Pinion Gear T19/M12(Red)
G84303-01 Flywheel
G84303-02 Shoe Holder
G84303-03 Spring Holder
G84303-04 Clutch Shoe
G84303-05 Pilot Shaft
G84303-06 Clutch Bell
G84303-07 Pinion Gear T14 (Blue)
G84303-08 Pinion Gear T15 (Gold)
G84303-09 Pinion Gear T16 (Violet)
G84303-10 Pinion Gear T20 /M12 (Green)
G84303-11 Adjust Spring
G84303-12 Bearing Holder
G84303-13 Thrust Bolt
G84304 2-Speed Trans. (Spider)
G84304-01 Main Shaft (Spider)
G84304-02 Fly Wheel (GX-1/Spider)
G84304-03 Spacer 3x6x2
G84304-04 Engine Mount
G84305-01 Main Shaft (GX1)
G84305-02 Brake Hub
G84305-03 Shaft for TR4/GX1 series
G84306 2-Speed Trans. /RS4 /HPI
G84306-01 Main Shaft (RS4)
G84306-02 Fly Wheel Washer (RS4)
G84306-04 Spacer 6x8x1.8
G84306-05 Teflon Clutch Shoes
G84307 2 Speed Tranny for Rally/Buggy
G84307-01 Spur Gear T47
G84307-02 Spur Gear T44
G84307-03 Spur Gear T43
G84307-04 Clutch Bell with gears T15-T18
G84307-05 Shaft for Fun Factor
G84307-06 One Way Hub
G84308 2-Speed Tran.for Funfactor ST
G84308-04 Clutch Bell with gears T14-T17
G84308-17 Pinion Gear T17/M12
G84309 2-Speed Trans.for Funfactor MT
G84309-01 Clutch Bell (M10+M12)
G84309-04 Clutch Bell with gears T11-T14
G84309-14 Pinion Gear T14 (M12)
G84310 2-Speed Tranny for GX1/ TR4
G84310-01 Spur Gear T42
G84310-02 Spur Gear T38
G84310-04 Clutch Bell with Gears T14-T18
G84311 2-Speed Trans.for CT4 series
G84311-04 Clutch Bell with Gears T15-T19
G84311-05 Shaft for CT4 series
G84312 Centriforce Clutch (CT-4R)
G84313 2-Speed Auto.Trans. Set (CT-4)
G84313-01 Clutch Shoes
G84313-02 Clutch Gear Hub
G84313-03 Yellow Spur Gear (38 Teeth)
G84313-04 One Way Gear Hub
G84313-05 2 Speed Main Shaft
G84401 Enforcer"26mm Belted Tire(45)"
G84402 Molded Foam Insert
G85107 7.2 V Connector (M)
G85108 7.2 V Connector (F)
G85109 7.2 V Conv. Connector (M)
G85110 7.2 V Conv. Connector (F)
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