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Cen Miscelaneous Parts
Cen miscelaneous parts such as gears, washers, wheel stoppers, engine mounts, brake shafts, and more.
GX02 GX1 Toe-In Parts (Rear Wheel)
GX03 GX1 Suspension Arm Set
GX04 GX1 Shock Tower
GX05 GX1 Screw Hinge Pin
GX06 GX1 Spur Gear Hub
GX07 Metal Bushing 5x11x4
GX08 GX1 King Pin Bushing
GX09 GX1 U-Shape Sus. Arm
GX10 GX1 Front Bumper
GX11 GX1 Diff. Internal Gears
GX12 GX1 Diff. Joint Cup(pr.)
GX13 GX1 Differential Gear
GX14 GX1 Diff. Washer
GX15 Wheel Axles
GX16 Dogbone Shaft 200mm(GP)
GX17 GX1 Wheel Stopper
GX18 GX1 Team Chassis(GP)
GX19 GX1 Steering Link Horn
GX20 GX1 Steering Post
GX21 GX1 Servo Saver
GX22 GX1 Servo Mount
GX23 GX1 Upper Deck(GP)
GX24 GX1 Engine Mount(GP)
GX25 Ball Screw B5.8xM3-L
GX26 GX1 Standard Damper(pr.)
GX27 GX1 Body Mount
GX28 GX1 Rear Belt 312-M3-5(GP)
GX29 Belt 177-M3--5 (GX/GP)
GX30 Screw Rod (GX)
GX32 Front Gear Box (GX)
GX33 Pulley (GX)
GX34 Drive Pinion (GX)
GX35 Pully Stand (GX/GP)
GX36 Brake Shaft (GX/GP)
GX37 Brake Pad (GX/GP)
GX38 Brake Disk (GX/GP)
GX39 Engine Plate (GX-1/GP)
GX40 Idle Shaft
GX41 Main Shaft (GX-1/GP)
GX42 Front Shaft (GX-1)
GX43 Pully Shaft (GX-1 GP)
GX44 Rod Set
GX45 Reinforce Rod (GX-1GP)
GX46 Plastic Parts (GX-1 GP)
GX47 Pin 2x10
GX48 E Ring
GX49 Belt 444-3 M4 (GX)
GX50 Chassis (GX-1EP)
GX51 Upper Deck (GX/EP)
GX52 Motor Mount (EP)
GX53 Rear Gear Box (GX/EP)
GX54 Spur Gear T86 (GX/EP)
GX55 Battery Holder (GX/EP)
GX56 Plastic Parts (GX/EP)
GX57 Main Shaft (GX/EP)
GX58 Pinion Gear T28 EP
GX59 Inner Sponge Tire (GX)
GX60 Speed Rod (GX)
GX61 Fuel Tube (GP)
GX62 Upper Deck (Sport GP)
GX63 Chassis (GX-1 Sport GP)
GX64 O Ring P 3 X10 Pcs.
GX65 Swing Shaft (190mm /EP)
GX66 Flange Nylon Nut M4
GX67 Screw Set (GX-1)
GX68 L pipe
GX69 Muffler Mount
GXS01 Tension Set
GXS02 Post
GXS03 One way Front Gear Set
GXS04 Sponge Bumper
GXS06 Pinion Gear T26
GXS07 Pinion Gear T27
GXS08 Pinion Gear T28
GXS09 Pinion Gear T29
GXS10 Pinion Gear T30
GXS11 Universal Shaft (200 mm)
GXS12 Conneator
GXS13 Spur Gear Hub
GXS14 Swing Shaft (190 mm)
GXS15 One Way Diff.
GXS16 GP Full Bearing
GXS17 EP Full Bearing
GXS18 Wheel Stopper
GXS19 Universal Shaft (190MM)
GXS20 B5 Ball /Ball End Set
GXS21 Hinge Pin
GXS22 Special Fly Wheel
GXS23 Adjustable Screw Rod M3X20
GXS24 Adjustable Screw Rod M3X25
GXS25 Super Chassis (GP)
GXS26 CFRP Upper Deck (EP)
GXS27 CFRP Chassis (EP)
GXS28 Upper Deck (Super)
GXS29 Front Shock Stay (CFRP)
GXS30 Rear Shock Stay (CFRP)
GXS32 Idler Gear T16
GXS33 Aluminium Drive Gear
GXS95 Bearings For GX1 Wheel
SP01 SP1 Differential
SP02 SP1 Small Gear
SP03 SP1 Spur Gear (EP)
SP04 SP1 Pinion Gear(EP)
SP05 SP1 Main Shaft (EP)
SP06 SP1 Gear Box
SP07 SP1 Rear Shock Tower
SP08 SP1 Hinge Pin Set
SP09 SP1 Front Bulkhead
SP10 SP1 Arm Spacer 3x8x2
SP11 SP1 Speed controller(EP)
SP12 SP1 Motor Mount(EP)
SP13 SP1 Upper Deck
SP14 SP1 Chassis (EP)
SP15 Wheel Shaft
SP16 Pivot Ball B5.8xM3
SP18 SP1 Suspension Arm Set
SP19 SP1 Wheel Hub Set
SP20 Ball Screw B5.8XM3
SP21 SP1 Plastic Parts(EP)
SP22 SP1 Linkage Set(EP)
SP23 Rod End 5.8mm
SP24 SP1 Z Screw Rod 98
SP25 SP1 Steering Horn
SP26 SP1 Shock Sets
SP28 SP1 Body Mount
SP29 Metal Bushing 5x8x2.5
SP30 Metal Bushing 5x10x4
SP31 Metal Bushing 8x14x4
SP32 Antenna Pipe
SP33 SP1 Flywheel(GP)
SP34 SP1 Pilot Shaft(GP)
SP35 Clutch Shoes(GP)
SP36 Clutch Spring(GP)
SP37 Clutch Bell T15(GP)
SP38 Canister Muffler SP1/GX1(GP)
SP39 SP1 Plastic Parts (GP)
SP40 SP1 Brake Parts
SP41 SP1 Link Set(GP)
SP42 4X8 Screw Set
SP43 SP1 Chassis (GP)
SP44 SP1 Engine Mount(GP)
SP45-1 SP1 Engine Drive Washer
SP45-10 SP1 Carburator(Rotary Type)
SP45-11 Ball Bearing Set
SP45-12 SP1 Shaft For Recoil Starter
SP45-13 Crankcase Cover For PS Version
SP45-14 One Way Clutch
SP45-15 SP1 Recoil Starter
SP45-2 Crankshaft
SP45-3 Crankcase
SP45-4 Piston Rod
SP45-5 Piston pin
SP45-6 ABC Piston & Cylinder
SP45-7 Cylinder Head
SP45-8 Gasket Set
SP45-9 Carb. Rotating post & Screw
SP46 SP1 Main Shaft GP
SP47 SP1 Brake Disc
SP48 SP1 Exhaust Pipe Extention(BK)
SP49 Large Cable Tie
SP50 Small Cable Tie
SP51 Hook Pin R6
SP52 SP1 Screw Set
SP54 Wheel Hub (SP2)
SP55 Rotary Speed Controller
SP56 Resistor
SPS01 Alum. Swing Shaft
SPS02 Alum. Front Wheel Shaft
SPS03 Alum. Rear Wheel Shaft
SPS04 Aluminum Diff. Joint Cup
SPS05 Adjusting Screw Rod
SPS06 SP1/GX1 Brake Disc(GP)
SPS08 Aluminum Ball B10(EP/GP)
SPS09 Full Bearing Set (EP)
SPS10 Full Bearing Set (GP)
SPS11 SP1 Differential Set(EP/GP)
SPS12 SP1 Stub Axle Set(EP/GP)
SPS13 Diff. Joint Cup
SPS95 Bearing For Wheels (SP I)
TR001 Pulley Flange
TR002 Chassis
TR003 Upper Deck
TR004 Triangle Bracket
TR005 Rear Gear Box
TR006 Post
TR007 Throttle, brake rod set
TR008 Brake hub(for single speed)
TR009 Center shaft
TR010 Belt 3M-324
TR011 Main shaft(for single speed)
TR012 Rear anti-roll bar
TR013 Steering post
TR014 Wheel hub
TR015 Screw set
TR016 Pulley stand
TR017 Belt 3M-171
TR018 Double sided tape
TR019 Turnbuckles
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