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RC Helicopters - How To Fly
Many people want to know how to fly RC (remote control) helicopters . 2-3 channel helicopters are very easy and do not require a lot of time or patience. Double blade helicopters, even if they are 4 channel are also easy to fly as the design alleviates the need for a tail motor. Which is the hardest part to control for a new pilot. Don't worry, you can handle a 4 channel or 6 channel helicopter as well by following the helicopter flying instructions below.

Flying RC helicopters is a fun and rewarding hobby, but it does require some effort. These are some tips to help get you flying. Please be aware, however, that this document does not cover every possibility, and that the best source of information is the manufacturer's manual.

Safety information: Do not overcharge the battery. Never leave the battery unattended while charging. When charging the battery, only use a charger with the same output voltage as the battery's. For example, charge 11.1v batteries with an 11.1v charger. While charging, check the temperature of the battery, charger, and connector frequently. If any of these parts feels hot (more than warm), then unplug the charger and disconnect the battery. Charging time depends on the capacity of the battery. The larger the battery, the longer it will take to charge. In general, charge the battery until the light on the charger turns green, then disconnect the battery and unplug the charger. Do not let it charge longer than this.

Before your first flight: Visually inspect the remote control helicopter. Make sure none of the parts are damaged. Check the wires of the battery, motor, and antenna to verify that they are not rubbing or being rubbed by the main gear of the helicopter. Tighten the screws holding the rotor blades so that the blades don't flop around. Make them just loose enough so that you could move the blades with your hands. Also make sure they are aligned properly, i.e., straight out from the central hub. If you intend to install the training/landing gear kit, do so now.

Install the battery, but do not connect it to the RC helicopter. Now hold the helicopter gently by the flybar. The helicopter should hang parallel to the ground. If it doesn't, the best way to correct it is by shifting the battery until the helicopter balances properly. Install the antenna and new batteries in the transmitter and turn it on. The power light should come on. If it doesn't, turn off the transmitter, open the battery section, and make sure each battery is oriented correctly and making good contact at each terminal. If the transmitter appears to be working so far, it's time for your first flight.

Pre-flight: Start with a freshly-charged battery. Install it in the helicopter, but do not connect it yet. Check the balance of the helicopter as in the above. When it's balanced properly, it's time to get ready to fly. Turn on the transmitter, and set the throttle all the way down. (On a Mode 2 transmitter, which is usual for the USA, throttle is on the left-hand side.) Extend the antenna. Put all trim sliders in the center position. Connect the helicopter's battery. There may be some sounds of the servos resetting, and some flashing lights from the receiver. These are normal. When the servos have settled, and a solid light comes on from the receiver (light may vary from model to model), gently move the pitch stick (on the right-hand side of the transmitter in Mode 2). You should be able to hear the servos move, and see the pitch of the rotors change.

Flight: Smoothly bring up the throttle. If the helicopter begins to yaw (spin to one side or the other), adjust the rudder trim to center the helicopter. If it pitches forward or back, or rolls left or right, then adjust the appropriate trim. Once the helicopter lifts off, you're flying it. Good luck and have fun flying your RC helicopter.

How To Fly RC helicopters was written by the staff at Trend Times Toys. All rights reserved. Any unauthorized use will be enforced by copywright laws and damages will be sought.
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