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Magic CarsŪ Ride On Cars For Children W/Remote Control-Free 1 Year Warranty

Magic CarsŪ remote control ride on cars for kids with powered wheels as seen on Nickelodeon TV bring a new level of fun to the world of driving excitement for babies and children. Now you can control the ride on car while your child is in it or outside of it (some of our customers lovingly refer to this feature as "Dad or Mom Mode"). Magic CarsŪ are the best ride on cars. It's like owning 2 cars in 1 as you can allow your baby or children to drive the electric car themselves from inside the car with the steering wheel, pedals, and buttons. Or try our 2 seater RC ride on cars that are a great choice for twins, siblings, and taking pets for a drive. Don't be fooled by imitators, only official Magic CarsŪ sold on come with free 1 year bumper to bumper warranty. Have questions feel free to call your free personal shopper at 1-800-350-5420, 24 hours a day.
Magic CarsŪ Ferrari Ride On 12 Volt Kid's RC Ride On Remote Control Car w/Bumper To Bumper Warranty
12 Volt remote control Ride on LaFerrari with Magic CarŪ with exotic gull wing doors, parental control for kids, and are battery powered.
Reg Price: $799.99
Your Price: $599.98
Magic CarsŪ BIG AMG Mercedes Benz 2 Seater Ride On Car With Parental Control For Kids SUV W/Leather Seat
Live in high style with the 2 Seater Mercedes Benz SUV ride on car for kids class electric car for kids with parental control, leather seats, working stereo, Mp3/USB inputs, working headlights, working Magic CarsŪ taillights
Reg Price: $799.99
Your Price: $599.98
Magic CarsŪ 2 Seater Ride On Jeep Style Truck Mommy & Me 4X4 BIGGEST Class W/Leather Seat & Magic CarsŪ Parental Control
Stop searching. You have found the BIGGEST CLASS 2 seater battery powered 24 volt ride on Jeep style trucks make for amazing fun inside or outside of the house and is a true 4 x 4 with 4 motors for plenty of power on grass, dirt, pavement, and even light snow!
Reg Price: $1,499.99
Your Price: $1,099.00
2 Seater Mercedes Remote Control Electric Ride On AMG G Wagon For Kids W/Leather Seat
Remote control electric Magic CarsŪ Mercedes G Wagon for kids. Now with dual 24 volt motors and a real working stereo!
Reg Price: $899.99
Your Price: $699.98
2 Seater Ride On Cars For Children
2 seater ride on cars for children are the best of both worlds for kids that like to ride with a friend or pet. Shop and buy the best Magic CarsŪ ride on cars for your little one today.
Magic CarsŪ 2 Seater ATV 4X4 Ride On 12 Volt Remote Control Quad Electric 2 Seater Truck W/Rubber Tires
Driving your new ATV ride on car or taking a walk with your little guy or girl just got better when they ride by your side on their very own 4 wheel drive ATV ride on car.
Reg Price: $899.99
Your Price: $699.98
Magic CarsŪ 2 Seater UTV ATV Ride On 12 Volt Remote Control Quad Electric Truck
Four 12 volt motor powered ride on 2 seater ATV Jeep style trucks are great for children ages 1-5 and can hold up to 60 pounds.
Reg Price: $1,199.99
Your Price: $899.98
Magic CarsŪ Real Rubber Tires Big Wheel Jeep Style Remote Control Electric Ride On Truck For Kids
Drive over larger obstacles with the Magic CarsÂŪ Big Wheel Jeep Style remote ride on 4 x 4 truck for ages 1-8. Drive forwards, backwards, left, and right.
Reg Price: $699.99
Your Price: $499.98
Magic CarsŪ Toyota Tundra Ride On 2 Seater Monster Pickup Truck Kid's Car With Wireless Parent R/C (Remote Control) System
High quality 2 seater Toyota Tundra RC (remote control) ride on Monster Truck. Full function transmitter and arrives 98 percent assembled.
Reg Price: $699.99
Your Price: $599.98
Magic CarsŪ 2 Seater Electric Ride On Mercedes Zetros Truck Off Road Jeep Style Remote Parental Control Car For Kids W/Leather Seat
2 Seater electric ride on remote control electric Magic CarsŪ Mercedes Safari Style Jeep Style Truck for kids. Now with the most powerful 12 volt motors and a real working stereo.
Reg Price: $799.99
Your Price: $599.98
Lexus 2 Seater BIG Class LX 570 Ride On Car Magic CarsŪ SUV Truck W/TV Screen Bumper To Bumper Warranty
If you know a child Lexus enthusiast that smiles at the thought of a Lexus in their garage. Buy this remote control (RC) Lexus for them.
Reg Price: $899.99
Your Price: $698.98
Magic CarsŪ 12 Volt 2 Seater Bentley Ride On RC Battery Powered Car-Free 1 Year Warranty
Perhaps you drive or dream of a full size Bentley, but this car is perfect for children and everyday.
Reg Price: $599.98
Your Price: $499.98
Magic CarsŪ Remote Control Country Range Rover Battery RC Ride On Car Truck
Range rover SUV trucks are great for children ages 1-5 and can hold up to 65 pounds. works in light snow too!
Reg Price: $699.99
Your Price: $499.98
Magic CarsŪ 2 Seater Electric Ride On Car Remote Control (RC) Land Rover W/Rubber Tires
If you want to hit the dirt trails with your new electric 2 Seater Ride On truck, then this Land Rover Discovery ride on for children with rubber tires is the one for you.
Reg Price: $699.99
Your Price: $599.98
2 Seater BIG Class Hummer Style RC Ride On Car W/Magic CarsŪ Parental Remote Control 1 Year Warranty
Wow, check out this new 2 seater RC Hummer ride on truck that is setting the stage for the future of trucking in style. Amazing attention to detail sets this remote control Hummer apart from the competition.
Reg Price: $799.99
Your Price: $599.98
Magic CarsŪ Lamborghini 2 Seater Kids Ride On RC Aventador Car Roadster W/Opening Doors Leather Seat
Superior design and quality of the electric Lamborghini Aventador ride on car for kids. Choose from your favorite Lamborghini colors such as orange, white, black, or blue.
Reg Price: $599.99
Your Price: $499.98
2 Seater Magic CarsŪ BMW X6 Ride On Car BIG CLASS SUV RC Electric Kid Car W/Leather Seat
Magic Cars brings you the all new 2 Seater BMW SUV ride in car with real opening doors and functioning stereo!
Reg Price: $999.99
Your Price: $799.98
Magic CarsŪ McLaren 12 Volt Ride On Remote Control RC Car For Kids W/Real Rubber Tires
Have a blast with the Magic CarsŪ Car 12v remote control ride on car for kids with air conditioning. Comes with MP3 port and working radio.
Reg Price: $499.99
Your Price: $399.98
Pink Princess Magic CarsŪ Mercedes Ride On Remote Control Car
Ride on Remote control Pink Mercedes Ride On Remote Control Car measures almost 4 feet long and holds children up to 100 pounds! Choose from white, black, or pink.
Reg Price: $599.99
Your Price: $399.98
Magic CarsŪ Maserati Ride On Remote Parental Control RC Car
Maserati ride on remote control cars for sale are smooth looking rides that will impress your friends and family.
Reg Price: $599.99
Your Price: $399.98
Magic CarsŪ Big Bentley 12 Volt Ride On Remote Controlled Convertible RC Car
Bentley remote control ride on cars let you not worry about your kids getting out of control when you have the power like a drivers education teacher.
Reg Price: $499.99
Your Price: $399.98
Magic CarsŪ Ride On Bugatti For Children W/Working Stereo Horn Twin Motors
This cool Bugatti style ride on car for kids has a real working horn.
Reg Price: $599.99
Your Price: $399.98
Magic CarsŪ Mercedes 4 x 4 Wheel Drive Truck Ride On RC Car For Children
Ride on Remote control Mercedes AMG measures holds children up to 100 pounds!
Reg Price: $599.99
Your Price: $399.98
Magic CarsŪ Mercedes S63 AMG Convertible Ride On RC Car W/Stereo
AMG special edition will give you the best with the super popular Mercedes Benz AMG 63 BiTurbo Magic CarsŪ ride on car for children with remote control.
Reg Price: $599.99
Your Price: $399.98


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