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RC Helicopters & Remote Control Helicopters
Searching RC helicopters for sale with remote control that are powered by electric? Have fun flying remote control helicopters indoors or outside today. Choose from toy helicopters, beginner RC helicopters, indoor RC helicopters, RC drones, and advanced remote control helicopters to serve beginner to experienced pilots. All of our remote control helicopters come assembled and ready to fly (RTF). Flying remote control helicopters has never been easier thanks too TrendTimes.com and advances in modern technology.
RC Helicopters - The Buying Guide
Coast Guard RC Rescue Remote Control Helicopter Easy To Fly
Aerosaur Huge Remote Control (RC) 3.5 Channel Helicopter W/Gyro
Huge 4 Feet Long RC Helicopter Easy To Fly Colossal 500 Class
Easy To Fly Remote Control Drones & Quadcopters Beginners To Advanced RC Pilots
Big Unbreakable Blades DragonFire RC Helicopter - Easy Fly
Electric RC Huey Defender Helicopter W/Gyro (Darkhawk)
Easy To Fly Super Hawk 3 Metal RC Helicopter 107 USB W/Gyro Stabilizer As Seen On TV
Super Craft RC Helicopter Indoor/Outdoor Trainer W/Lights
Big Metal 2.4Ghz Electric RC Helicopter Single Rotor Design
Area 51 QuadCopter Drone Remote Control (RC) UFO Flying Saucer W/Lights
3 Channel RC Helicopter W/Beginner Flight Control System
Electric Mini Drone RC Helicopter Spy Camera HD Easy To Fly Heli
Remote Control Spy Camera 3 Channel Helicopter W/Wifi Real Time
Aerial Photography Drone Big Electric Remote Control (RC) UFO Quadcopter W/Video Camera
Remote Control Quadcopter Drone W/Video Camera Easy To Fly
Cobra 3 Channel Remote Control Gyroshark RC Helicopter
Super Bee Remote Control Helicopter W/Flight Lights & Camera
3 Channel Radio Control (RC) Apache Helicopter Is Easy To Fly
Psychedelic Style Electric RC Helicopter Is Big
*HOT* RC Helicopter Version 32 W/Search Light *Up To 15 Minute Flight Times* Great For All Ages
Pink Remote Control Butterfly Helicopter Durable Easy To Fly
3 Channel Single Blade RC Helicopter W/Gyro
3 Channel Apache RC Helicopter Is Great For Beginners
Big GPS Drone Remote Control Quadcopter RC W/Click To Return
Superbird 3 Channel Co-Axial Rotor Helicopter w/LED Lights
Presidential 4th Of July Red White & Blue Electric RC Helicopter Star
Syma S107 Remote Control Helicopter 3 Channel W/Gyro
4 Channel Fixed Pitch RC Helicopter w/Dual Mode Remote Control
Big Chinook RC Helicopter W/New Design & Double Blades (Easy To Fly)
Electric Mini RC Drone Delivery Helicopter W/Motorized Transport
Gigantic 450 Size 3 Channel Metal RC Helicopter Silver Ghost W/Gyro
Toy Helicopters
Beginner RC Helicopters
Mini RC (Remote Control) Helicopters
Indoor RC Helicopters
Electric RC Helicopters 4 Channel Series
Metal Remote Control Helicopters
Collective Pitch Inverted Flight RC Helicopters
HB RC Helicopters Comes Ready To Fly W/(2) Lipo Batteries, Simulator, Extra Blades, & More (Cool Video) *HOT*
Indoor/Outdoor Remote Control Helicopter 3 Channel T-Bird
Black Hawk RC Helicopter
Coast Guard Rescue RC Helicopter W/Lights
Drone Quadcopter Remote Control (RC) X UFO Helicopter UAV W/Training Shields
Superbird 3 Channel Co-Axial Rotor Helicopter w/LED Lights
12" Bomber 3 Channel Electric RC Helicopter W/2.4GHz Remote
Zoom Hover Carbon Fiber Frame 9100 RC Helicopter W/Gyro
Hot Extreme Micro RC Helicopter AS SEEN ON TV-Highly Durable *Great For All Ages*
RC Flight Simulator Program W/Remote Control Is Great Practice For RC Helicopters And Planes Too
6 Channel RC Flight Simulator Remote Control Helicopter & Airplane Program
Chinook Remote Control (RC) Army Helicopters - Easy To Fly
Tiger Shark Beginner 4 Channel RC Helicopter Is Easy To Fly W/Extra Blades And Extended Flight Times *HOT* (Cool Demo Video)
Remote Control Alloy Scorpion 3 Channel Gyroscope Helicopter
Black Hawk UH-60 Mini Remote Control Helicopter
Remote Control Missile Command RC Battle Helicopter
RC Helicopter Parts
4 Channel Coaxial Mini RC Helicopter
Air Drifters 4 Channel Mini RC Helicopter-Fly Sideways Too!
Metal 4 Channel Remote Control Helicopter W/Gyro & Extras *Hot*
4 Channel Super Micro RC Helicopter - Easy To Fly
Huge Airwolf Huge 4 Channel RC Helicopter W/Extras Comes Ready To Fly
Extremely Easy To Fly RC Helicopter W/Lipo Battery & Extras Is Great For Most Ages *Cool Video*
Intelli Heli 3 Channel Mini RC Helicopter Also Known As IntelliHeli World's Smallest Helicopter *HOT*
Alien RC UFO Helicopter W/Lights That Everyone Can Fly *Super Hot - As Seen On TV*
3 Channel Airwolf Flight RC (Remote Control) Helicopter
Presidential 4th Of July Red White & Blue Electric RC Helicopter Star
Huge HB RC Helicopter W/Color Wireless Video Camera & Lipo Battery
Hughes Style Rescue RC Helicopter
6 Channel Dragon RC Helicopter Ready To Fly W/Metal Parts, Collective Pitch, & More (Cool Demo Video)
Super Apache RC Helicopter
Dragon 4 Channel RC Hobby Grade Helicopter
Wireless Camera System W/Wireless DVR Hand Held Color Monitor
Mini Video Cameras W/Real Time Color FPV Video & Sound
3 Channel Shark Mini RC Army Helicopter - Easy To Fly
Hughes 300 Beginner Mini RC Helicopter *HOT Sale* (Cool Demo Video)
Palm Z Micro RC Airplane Flies Indoors Like An RC Helicopter. Highly Durable *HOT* (Watch The Palm Z Video)
Easy To Fly Apache RC (Remote Control) Helicopter 4 Channel - Ready To Fly W/Rockets
4 & 6 Channel RC Helicopter Dual Flight Mode Trainer
Hughes 300 RC Helicopter Psychedelic Edition
Easy To Fly Handheld RC Helicopter Shoots Bubbles
Trex 450SE RC Helicopter (Superior Edition) Version 2 Ready To Fly W/Metal Parts *Super Sale* (Cool Demo Video)
Super Hawk RC Helicopter Looks Just Like A 6 Channel
Military Operations Hughes 300 RC Helicopter Black Ops
Super Small Easy To Fly RC Helicopter *HOT-SALE*
Ultra Small RC Helicopter, Easy To Fly *Great For All Ages*
Schweizer 2 Channel RC Helicopter *Amazing Deal*
HB 4 Channel RC Helicopter Comes Ready To Fly *Hot*
Electric Aerohawk 4 Channel RC Helicopter Comes Ready To Fly
Metal HB Dragon Belt Drive 6 Channel RC Helicopter *JUST LIKE T-REX* Ready To Fly W/Extras
Super 6 Channel Easy To Fly RC Helicopter Flybarless 3D Flight
Brushless Motor Professional 6 Channel Dragon RC Helicopter Ready To Fly W/Belt Drive, Collective Pitch, & Extras
HM Black Hawk CP Pro 3D Collective Pitch RC Helicopter Comes Ready To Fly W/Lipo Battery - Hot Sale
Remote Control (RC) HydroBlaster Boat Planes
Skyhawk Micro RC Helicopter Comes Ready To Fly
Easy To Fly Big 6 Blade Drone Remote Control Quadcopter RC W/Lights
T-Rex (TREX) 450 Belt Drive Collective Pitch Rc Helicopter W/Extras
T-rex 450 XL Rc Helicopter Comes Ready To Fly
Align T-Rex 450SE CDE Kit (Superior Edition)
T-Rex (Trex) RC Helicopters, Kits, And Parts
T-Rex (Trex) 600 EFL PRO Remote Control (RC) Helicopter Kit
RC Helicopters - How To Fly
T-Rex 600 Carbon Fiber Ready To Fly (RTF)
Replacement Blades For Dual Rotor Toy Helicopters
2 Channel RC Helicopters Are Great For Beginners
Electric RC (Remote Control) Helicopters
3 Channel RC Helicopters
Hughes Electric RC Helicopter Toy Is Easy To Fly
Hawk RTF Electric RC Helicopter
Electric Mini RC Drone Delivery Helicopter W/Motorized Transport
Laser Tag Combat Remote Control Helicopter Dron Battle Package
Army Apache Micro RC (Remote Control) Helicopter AH-64
Additional Information
That's why we had to travel the globe for the best flying RC helicopters and put them here just for you. You don't have to pay thousands of dollars for RC helicopters when Trend Times offers high quality ready to fly (RTF) electric RC helicopters for sale. Don't worry, we carry replacement parts for remote control helicopters too. Shop today and buy from the largest assortment of quality helicopters. Collective pitch remote control helicopters with belt drive/aluminum upgrade parts allow 3D flight and inverted flight maneuvers.

Our RC helicopters fly with friends special, offers amazing price breaks when purchasing 2 or more electric RC helicopters. Buy electric RC helicopters on sale today or call and place your remote control helicopter order toll free at 1-800-350-5420. High flying indoor/outdoor electric RC helicopters are lots of fun at reasonable Trend Times prices. Yes, our helicopters really fly. Have questions about our RC helicopters? Please feel free to contact us at RCHelicopters@TrendTimes.com.

Shop our wide assortment of remote control helicopters. We have 2 channel RC helicopters, toy helicopters, 4 channel RC helicopters, and 6 channel helis too. Traditional RC helicopters cost thousands of dollars and you have to assemble them. Now you can buy our remote control helicopters for a lot less and it doesn't matter if you're a beginner or expert RC helicopter pilot! Plus, our remote control helicopters come fully assembled and ready to fly. Trend Times doesn't want you to spend time building when you can be having fun flying your new electric RC helicopter. We feature a great assortment of RC helicopters that come factory assembled and ready to fly. Don't delay. Order an RC helicopter today.

2 & 3 channel helicopters are more geared for children or the occasional helicopter flyer that just wants to have some fun in the backyard or living room and are listed at beginner remote control helicopters. These remote control helicopters are really fun to fly and will keep you entertained for hours. Check out our full range of toy helicopters that are great for all ages.

4 channel helicopters are geared for people that want to learn the electric RC helicopter hobby and demand precise control that mimicks a full scale helicopter. Many of our 4 channel helicopters come with free flight simulator programs which you load onto your computer and connect the included computer cable to the helicopter remote control and your PC. Now you can practice flying RC helicopters on your computer with the actual remote control! These remote control helicopters fly forwards, backwards, left, right, and hover too. Bank right, bank left, and perform all the maneuvers of a real helicopter. You can fly them outside and when are more experienced fly them right inside the house.

If you are buying a RC helicopter for a person under the age of 10 buy the extreme micro rc helicopter on sale today as seen on our TV commercials. Electric remote control helicopters with amaze you and everyone around you. Feel free to shop the best selection of electric remote control helicopters.

2, 3, & 4 channel Fixed pitch (FP) helicopters have blades that remain at a fixed angle (you can not alter their pitch). To get lift on these helicopters you must increase the power to the main blades. They are simpler in design, and are easier to fix when damaged.

6 channel CP (collective pitch) RC helicopters are just like 4 channel helicopters plus they can perform inverted 3D flight maneuvers. Collective pitch (CP) helicopters control lift through the angle of the blades, they have 3 servos instead of 2 (like the fixed pitch models) allowing you to alter blade pitch. That means you can fly these helicopters upside down. CP RC helicopters are a great choice for people that have experience in flying remote control helicopters or for people that have patience and want to learn the helicopter hobby. Here you can find our 6 channel helicopters.

Beginner RC helicopter pilots should start with fixed pitch electric helicopters as they are quiet, easier to fly, and easy to maintain. They are all listed above for your shopping pleasure. With electric RC helicopters you do not need to deal with engines that need to be broken in and can randomly cut out, fuel lines which get clogged or neighbors that think it's too loud. You do not need to lug around fuel or starters and there is no idle/carb/leaner/richer adjustments to worry about. Your hands stay clean of exhaust and fuel.

A common misconception is that no electric remote control helicopter can hold up against a nitro (gas) RC helicopter. Well with the growing popularity of RC helicopters there are many new innovations such as Lithium batteries and Brushless motors that keep electric and nitro neck and neck. Electric helicopters are now achieving even longer flight time than nitro's excess of 30 minutes. and with the right combination of lithium batteries and the right brushless motor you will have tons of power.

Is there anything else you need to start flying? No, our RC helicopter packages are made to include everything you may need to fly the helicopter. Our complete combo packages come with the charger and transmitter, which makes things a lot easier if you are just entering the remote control helicopter hobby.

Have questions about our RC helicopters? Please feel free to contact us at RChelicopters@TrendTimes.com 24 hours day.

Remote Control (RC) Helicopter Categories:
Beginner RC Helicopters 2 Channel RC Helicopters Electric RC Helicopters
Intermediate RC Helicopters 3 Channel RC Helicopters Collective Pitch RC Helicopters
Advanced RC Helicopters 4 Channel RC Helicopters Mini RC Helicopters
RC Helicopter Parts RC Flight Simulators Toy RC Helicopters
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