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Nitro RC Cars
Nitro RC cars will fill your need for speed and are on special today. Now you can buy our Fast And Furious nitro gas car edition with super fast engines that reach speeds in excess of 60 MPH right out of the box for under $199! Great for beginners to experts. View our nitro RC car video reaching excessive speeds. Have questions about buying nitro RC cars? Contact us at NitroRCCars@TrendTimes.com.
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Order now and get the remote control and servos installed FREE with each nitro RC car. These nitro RC cars and buggies come fully assembled and Ready To Run (RTR).

Shop our full line of nitro RC cars that are perfect for amateurs to advanced RC drivers. Take advantage of this special offer while supplies last. These nitro RC cars and trucks are selling quickly so do not miss out on this great nitro RC car deal. Achieve stock speeds over 60-75+ MPH with our wide assortment of nitro RC cars, trucks, and buggies. Each nitro RC comes fully assembled with remote control. Nitro gas RC cars are intense fun for beginners as well as advanced RC car drivers. Drive one away today for a low price while supplies last. Or you may reach us by phone at 1-800-350-5420.

The nitro remote control (RC) cars we have for sale are much more fun and less maintenance than the gas powered RC cars of the past. Nitro RC cars that are presently available for sale here are top of the line and will provide you with hours of RC fun.

The actual gas is called Nitro methane. 20% nitro fuel is a good all around fuel for nitro powered RC cars and can be purchased here and at most hobby shops. A regular tank of nitro fuel will give you about 15 minutes of run time. A large bottle of nitro gas costs about 20 dollars and will last about a month even if the nitro car, truck, or boat is used a lot. If you demand high speed and tons of power then nitro RC cars are for you.

Nitro powered cars are a challenge and a joy to enthusiasts of the gas RC cars hobby. Their high speeds, tremendous variety, and considerable durability are among their primary advantages. What makes this kind of RC vehicle stand apart from the others? Let's take a look at the characteristics of RC nitro cars and some of the options available.

Nitro RC cars are powered by nitro fuel or glow fuel, as it is also known. Three ingredients are vital to glow fuel: nitromethane, castor oil, and methanol. Different kinds of fuel use these three ingredients in different proportions. The nitromethane is what actually makes the car run, whereas the castor oil serves as a necessary lubricant. Both nitromethane and castor oil percentages will be given to you on the label for the fuel, the remainder is the percentage of methanol.

Other parts needed to operate and enjoy Nitro powered cars include oil, glow plugs, batteries, and an air filter. If you assemble your own nitro RC car, you'll become quite familiar with each of these and its particular function. One of the advantages in assembling your own car from a kit is that you will know exactly how you put your vehicle together, and you will have a greater chance of detecting the source of any malfunction. Cars you assemble yourself will also be easier for you to upgrade.

But if you are a beginner RC cars enthusiast, then your best bet is with ready to run (RTR) nitro RC car kits. Cars in these kits can be operated virtually right out of the box and can reach astonishing speeds of 70 to 80 miles per hour. Owning ready to run vehicles will give you an immediate introduction to the thrill an RC car provides and will enable you to sharpen your driving skills before you move on to further challenges in this rich, diverse, and creative hobby. Remote Control (RC) Car Categories:
Electric RC Race Cars Remote Control BMW Remote Control Corvette
Remote Control Ferraris Remote Control Fords Remote Control Hummers
Remote Control Lamborghinis Remote Control Mercedes Mini Cooper Remote Control Cars
Remote Control Nissans Remote Control Porsches Remote Control Subarus
Nitro Gas RC Cars Remote Control Buggies Remote Control Cars
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