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Electric Scooters & Bicycle Conversion Kits
Fast electric scooters are smooth and can reach speeds of over 15mph. Electric scooters come factory assembled with warranty. You will be amazed by the speeds that these electric scooters can achieve and the ride is super smooth too. Ride around on an electric scooter and do your errands in style. Electric scooters make for the perfect traveling method to beat high gas prices while going green at the same time. Zipping around on an electric scooter is fun and economical way of getting from place to place.
Fastest & Most Powerful Electric Scooter W/Best Motor
Hoverboard For Sale - Buy The Best Electric 2 Wheel Hover Board Scooters
Electric Powered Bicycle Moped W/Long Range Lithium Battery - Street Legal
600 Watt 36 Volt Comp Electric Scooter W/Suspension Key Ignition
Hovershoes UL Certified Electric Hoverboard Style Power Board Electric Scooter
300 Watt 24 Volt Comp Electric Scooter For Children And Adults
Comp Citi 1600 Watt Foldable Electric Scooter W/Suspension
Electric Bicycle Conversion Kits & Hub Motors For Sale
Folding Electric Mountain Bike Bicycle Scooter Beats The Pump
Electric 3 Wheel Scooter Transport Vehicle Presidential 36v
Electric Pocket Bike Motorcycle W/Powerful Motor & Training Mode
Electric Go Kart Powerkart For Kids & Adults - Solar Powered
1000 Watt Electric Powered Scooter W/Free Seat - World's Finest
500 Watt Electric Scooter Power Board W/Free Seat
UL Certified Pink Power Hover Board O.G. 700 Watt Traveling Electric 2 Wheel Scooter W/Lights & 1 Year Warranty
Razor E300 Electric Scooter Will Become Your Favorite Toy
Razor E300S Seated Electric Scooter Stunningly Brilliant
36 Volt Electric Ride On Scooter Go Kart Holds 175 Pounds
Electric Razor Pocket Rocket Dirt Bike 24 Volt Motorcycle In Blue
Electric Bicycle Moped W/600 Watt Brushless Motor -No Registration Or License Needed
GO GREEN With Sit Down Electric Motorized Motorcycle Moped Bicycle Scooter W/Brushless Motor - FULLY LEGAL IN ALL 50 STATES!
24 Volt Electric ATV Scooter W/Lights Is Great For All Terrains
24 Volt Electric Moped Scooter Big Ride On For Children Vespa Style
Fast Electric Sea Scooter W/Strong 24 Volt Power Diving Buddy
UL Certified Bluetooth Hoverboard O.G 700 Watt Electric 1 Year USA Warranty W/Music Lights 2 Wheel Scooter
48 Volt Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery Pack For Electric Bikes
Scooters - Buying Guide Info About Gas Scooters & Electric Scooters
Electric Skateboard Scooter Sector 9 46
Mobility Scooters
Best Electric Skateboard Remote Control Goes 20 MPH
Electric Powered Skateboard With ABS Brake System
Electric Skateboard Scooter 42 Special
Electric Skateboard Scooter Dewey Weber W/Warranty
Electric Skateboards
Stand Up Scooter Seat Kit W/Everything Needed For Installation
Additional Information
Our electric scooters are environmentally friendly, high quality, and super quiet so you won't disturb your neighbors. The electric scooters featured on Trend Times achieve awesome speeds and have superior acceleration when compared to electric scooters offered by other stores! Wait, there's More. Act now for our electric scooter special and pay no taxes. Why delay? Order electric scooters today. Nobody does fast electric scooters like Trend Times. Shop gas powered scooters and electric scooters, and other exciting items featured on Trend Times online toy store.

Trend Times carries electric scooters for every budget and electric powered scooter need. Maybe you just need an electric scooter to ride around in your backyard or take on a trip? Or maybe you want a high performance electric scooter that can ALWAYS be upgraded and customized like a hot rc car, rc truck, or rc boat.

These electric scooters are PERFECT for inter-office transport. If you work on a campus for instance, or a large corporation spread over many buildings, getting from building to building with an electric scooter just makes better business sense. The time it takes to commute from one place to another is dramatically reduced. The film industry for instance, has bought these scooters by the hundreds because they make getting from set to set or on location a breeze for both the actors and the staff.

The Bladez gas scooters, electric scooters, and gas powered scooters are by far the best engineered, trouble-free scooters in the world. BLADEZ gas scooters and electric scooters are made of the highest quality, materials, and components money can buy!

The Bladez scooter engineers recruited for the task of designing the Bladez gas scooters and electric scooters had been given the order to �Design and build the best and most practical reliable gas powered scooters and electric scooters in the world. That's how Bladez was born!!!

Then, the Bladez accountants were challenged with the obligation to reduce the production costs, so that, the best Bladez scooter in the world would only cost slightly more than all the other incomparable and inferior scooters.

YES, this is how Bladez began. Now you can own and enjoy the best, most reliable and smoothest riding Bladez gas scooters and electric scooters in the world at reasonable Trend Times prices!!! All Bladez parts, accessories and technical support are immediately available. HERE ARE THE SPECS OF SOME OF OUR Bladez Electric Scooters.

Bladez XTR 450 SE: This is the Bladez basic electric scooter equipped with a whopping 450 watt 24 volt motor. The BLADEZ XTR 450 SE electric scooter has Dual Batteries, giving this electric scooter a range of approx. 12 miles on a charge, at a speed of about 18mph and a load capacity of 270lbs! This
Bladez electric scooter features chain-driven air-tires that are huge 10 inch radials, offering a super smooth and sturdy electric scooter ride with incredible electric scooter handling capabilities. Brakes are of the disc-type that can bring your electric scooter to a stop, faster than you can clinch your teeth!

Bladez XTR 450 STREET Electric Scooter: This Bladez electric scooter, is of course, equipped with all the same great Bladez FEATURES of the XTR 450SE electric scooter, with the addition of competition spirit. The performance of this Bladez electric scooter is further enhanced with a "Zero-Resistance Rheostat" throttle Control, that when "goosed" it accelerates with a thrust that will make you forget to breathe! You get the instant punch of a full sized golf cart in this electric scooter! Its graphics and color-keyed paint-scheme give it the wild look of an electric scooter with bad intentions.

Bladez XTR 450COMPETITION electric scooter: This is one of the hottest Bladez electric scooter models ever created. In addition of being equipped with all the hi-performance features of the Bladez XTR Street model and its neck-snapping acceleration. The Bladez XTR 450 Competition electric scooters also feature motorcycle-type front telescopic suspension forks that give this gorgeous electric scooter superior handling capabilities and a smooth ride over any type of terrain.

BLADEZ XTR HEAVY DUTY: This BLADEZ electric scooter is beautiful, strong, reliable and powerful. It packs a 550 Watt electric scooter motor. This is the big boy size of Bladez electric scooters. The Bladez XTR HEAVY DUTY electric scooters are fully equipped with front and rear lights, front and rear baskets, off-road knobby 10.5 inch tires, seat and ignition key. With a 20 mile+ range on a single charge, this Bladez electric scooter is a true hi-torque work horse, or more appropriately a thoroughbred. Don't Delay. Order An Electric Scooter Today!


Electric scooters are fun, fast, and efficient.

Best Gas Scooters have arrived. Gas scooter holiday specials are now in effect!
Electric scooters are now being featured. Other products include Gas Scooters, RC Helicopters, Petrol Scooters, RC Cars, RC Planes, RC Submarines, RC boats, RC Toys,
Motorized Scooters, and Mini RC.

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