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Cen Hardware
Full line of Cen hardware including rings, shims, clips, and screws.
G36101 Flat Head Screw 3x10
G36102 Flat Head Screw #6-32x10
G36103 Flat Head Screw 3x20
G36104 Flat Head Screw 3x5
G36105 Flat Head Screw 3x8
G36106 Flat Head Screw 3x16
G36111 Flat Head Screw 4x8
G36112 Flat Head Screw 4x12
G36113 Flat Head Screw 4x16
G36151 Binding Head Screw 3x12
G36152 Binding Head Screw 3x8
G36181 Round Head Screw 2x10
G36182 Round Head Screw 2x8
G36191 Round Head Screw 3x12
G36202 Ball Studs B5.8xM3x14
G36211 Cap Screw 4x40
G36212 Cap Screw 4x10
G36213 Cap Screw 4x15
G36221 Cap Screw 3x8
G36222 Cap Screw 3x10
G36223 Cap Screw 3x16
G36224 Cap Screw 3x20
G36225 Cap Screw 3x25
G36226 Cap Screw 3x6
G36227 Cap Screw 3x10
G36228 Cap Screw 3x18
G36229 Cap Screw 3x14
G36230 Cap Bolt 3x18
G36241 Cap Screw 3.5x14
G36251 Set Screw 3x4
G36261 Set Screw 4x4
G36262 Set Screw 4x5
G36263 Set Screw 4x6
G36264 Set Screw 4x12
G36271 Set Screw 5x5
G36301 Truss Head Screw 4x12
G36302 Truss Head Screw 4x10
G36311 Truss Head Screw 3x10
G36312 Truss Head Screw 3x52
G36313 Truss Head Screw 3x16
G36321 Truss Head Screw 5x6
G36401 Lock Nut 3
G36402 Lock Nut 4
G36403 Flange Lock Nut 4
G36501 Tapping Flange Screw 3x14
G36502 Tapping Flange Screw 3x10
G36511 Tapping Blnding Head Screw3x10
G36521 Tapping Truss Head Screw 4x12
G36701 Pin 2x10
G36702 Pin 2x20
G36703 Pin 2x30
G36704 Pin 2x12
G36711 Pin 2.5x10
G36721 Pin 3x10
G36722 Pin 3x22
G36724 Pin 3x12
G36725 Pin 3x15
G36726 Pin 3x16
G36731 Pin 2.6x10
G36732 Pin 2.6x12
G36791 Hook Pin #6
G36792 Hook Pin #8 (Longer)
G36793 Hook Pin #8
G36801 Washer 3x6x0.5
G36802 Washer 3x8x1
G36803 Washer 4x10x0.8
G36851 E" 2.5 Clip"
G36852 E" 2 Clip"
G36853 E" 3 clip"
G36854 E" 4 clip"
G36901 Shim 5x7
G36902 Shim 8x11.5
G36903 Shim 14x16
G36904 Shim 12x16x0.5
G36905 Shim 7x11x0.8
G36906 Shim 9.6x14x0.5
G70101 Gear Diff Grease CEN2000(CT-4R
G70102 Ball Diff. Grease (CT-4R)
G70103 Thrust Bearing Grease(CT-4R)
G70201 Shock Oil #1000
G70301 Oil Ring #4
G70302 Oil Ring #3.5
G70303 Oil Ring P3
G70304 Oil Ring P12.5
G70306 Oil Ring P6
G70308 Oil Ring P8
G70309 Oil Ring 10
G70310 Oil Ring P10
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