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Cen Nemesis RC Truck Parts
Cen Nemesis RC truck parts are in stock today. Upgrade spare parts are also available.
GS001 Differential Case
GS002 Differential Bevel Gear
GS003 Clutch Shoes
GS004 Driving Bevel Gear (9T)
GS005 Driving Bevel Gear (26T)
GS006 Internal Trans.Spru Grar (46T)
GS007 Gear Box
GS008 Flywheel
GS009 E-Ring Pin
GS010 Wheel Hub
GS011 Side Plate
GS012 Flanged Bushing (3x6)
GS013 Lock Block
GS014 Steering Plastic Parts
GS015 Shock Shaft
GS016 Ball B7.8
GS017 Ball B6.8
GS018 Shock Springs
GS018A Stiff white coated spring
GS019 Steering Metal Parts
GS020 Flanged Bushing (4x6)
GS021 Wheel Adaptor
GS022 NX76 Air Filter
GS023 Alum. Arm Brace
GS024 Silicon Exhaust Coupler
GS025 Threaded Hinge Pin (4x56)
GS026 Threaded Hinge Pin (4x73)
GS027 Threaded Hinge Pin (3x44)
GS028 Wheel Axles
GS029 Differential Drive Cup
GS030 Brake Disc
GS031 Shock Plastic Parts
GS032 Alum. Muffler Mount
GS033 Suspension Arms Set (FT or RR)
GS034 Chrome Wheels Set (Pair)
GS035 Genesis Tire (Pair)
GS036 Fuel Tank (220cc)
GS037 Side Frame (Chassis)
GS037B Blue anodized chassis plate
GS038 Radio Box
GS039 Differential Brake Shaft
GS040 Telescopic Shaft
GS041 Alum. Engine Plate
GS041B Blue anodized engine plate
GS042 Bumper Set (Chrome)
GS043 Universal Joint Ball
GS044 Shock Tower
GS045 Body Post
GS046 Adaptor Block
GS047 One-Way Gear Hub
GS048 Bulkhead Brace
GS050 2-Step Gear
GS051 Internal Clutch Gear (31T)
GS052 Internal One-Way Gear(34T)
GS053 Idler Gear Set
GS054 Shift Disc
GS055 Gear Hub
GS056 Clutch Gear Hub
GS057 Transmission Gear Box
GS059 Alum. Skit Plate
GS059B Skid Plate(Blue)
GS060 Alum. Differential Case Cover
GS061 Main Shaft
GS062 Gear Shaft
GS064 Brake Cam Shaft
GS065 Reservoir Small Parts
GS066 Internal Clutch Hub
GS067 Turnbuckles M8x36
GS067A Aluminum turn buckles 8x36
GS068 2-Speed Clutch Shoe Set
GS069 Shift Lever Set
GS070 Alum. Manifold (NX76)
GS071 Alum. Engine Mount
GS072 Turnbuckles M4x78
GS073 Turnbuckles M8x90
GS073A Aluminum Turnbuckle 8x90
GS074 Ball End B7.80
GS075 Differential Gasket
GS076 Throttle Linkage Set
GS077 Brake Pads
GS078 Brake Shoes
GS079 2-Speed Clutch Bell
GS080 Alum. 2-Piece Tuned Pipe
GS081 Roll-Over Bar
GS081A Blue Heavy Duty Handle
GS082 Plastic Parts Set
GS083 Rear Toe-In Brace
GS084 Over-Head Shock Parts Set
GS085 Forward Gear
GS086 Reverse Gear
GS087 Steel Spur Gear (43T)
GS088 Steel Spur Gear (39T)
GS089 Pinion Gear (17T)
GS090 Pinion Gear (21T)
GS091 Universal Swing Shaft
GS092 Dogbone
GS093 Drive Cup
GS094 Brake Drive Cup
GS095 Screw Set
GS097 Spur Gear & Engine Plate
GS098 Clutch Compress Spring
GS099 Clutch Compress Spring
GS101BK Genesis Body-Black
GS101BU Genesis Body-Blue
GS101PU Genesis Body-Purple
GS102 Genesis Body P&D
GS103 Genesis Limited Flash Body P&D
GS104 Nemesis Flash Body
GS201 Differential Gear Set
GS202 Ring Bevel Gear (26T)
GS203 Diff. Case Cover
GS204 Outdrives
GS205 Diff. Gear Box
GS206 Side Plate
GS207 Gear Engager
GS208 Diff. Brake Cup
GS209 Tranny Gear Box
GS210 Brake Shoes
GS211 Spur Gear 46T
GS212 Brake Cam Brace
GS213 Brake Cam Shaft
GS214 High Bite Sniper" race tire"
GS215 55 series Assault" race wheel"
GS216 Diff. Case
GS217 Wheel Hex Driver 23mm
GS218 25T Pinion Gear
GS219 Front Propeller
GS220 Diff. Gasket
GS221 Diff. Shim
GS222 Tranny Spacer(2-speed)
GS223 Rubber Damper
GS224 Universal Swing Shaft II
GS225 Suspension Damper
GS226 Controlled Linkage Set
GS227 Outdriver II
GS228 Pre Mount Wheels & Tires
GS229 Wheel Hex Nuts 23mm
GS230 Piston (14mm)
GS231 Shock Body (14mm)
GS232 Shock End-L
GS233 Reservoir
GS234 Preload Spacer
GS235 Spring Retainer
GS236 Resercoir Cap
GS237 Spring Collar
GS238 Diff. Planot Gear
GS239 Diff. Gear Supports
GS240 Expanding Clutch Shoes
GS241 Adjusting Screws
GS242 Dust Cover
GS243 T" Bolt"
GS244 Swing Dogbone
GS245 Wheel Axle
GS246 Spindle
GS247 Spindle Carrier
GS248 Upper Suspension Arm
GS249 Brake Bracket
GS250 Driving Bevel Gear (9T)
GS251 Upper Bracket
GS252 Lower Bracket
GS253 CEN Emblem
GS254 2nd Shaft
GS255 Toe-in Bar
GS256 Steering Drag Link
GS258 Steering Post
GS259 Alum. Steering Tube
GS260 Steering Spring
GS261 Adjusting Nut
GS262 Radio Box
GS263 Radio Box Lip Mount
GS264 Battery Cover
GS265 Receiver Cover
GS266 Vented Flywheel
GS267 pilot Nut
GS268 Oil Ring #39.5 x 2.6
GS269 Air Foam Filter
GS270 Main Shaft Bracket
GS271 Engine Plate Bracket
GS272 Rod Stopper
GS273 Brake Spring
GS274 Throttle Spring
GS275 Controlled Rod
GS276 Controlled Plastic Parts
GS277 E" Pin 3x18"
GS278 Cross Pin
GS279 Nipple M4
GS280 Shock Damper tube
GSS01 4WS Optional Kits
GSS03 Steel Forward Gear T27
GSS04 Steel Reverse Gear T28
GSS06 23mm wheel hex (2)
GSS09 Aluminum Shocks
GSS10 Heavy Duty CVS+Outdrive
GSS13 3rd Speed for Nemesis
GSS14 Centerlock for Nemesis
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