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1911 Style Metal Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol With Silver Trigger Powered By Green Gas Shoots 300 Feet Per Second (Watch Demo Video)

1911 Style Metal Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol With Silver Trigger Powered By Green Gas Shoots 300 Feet Per Second (Watch Demo Video)
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Item #:10-7130

Get awesome action and let the rounds fly by with the 1911 model style gas blowback gun with silver trigger. Pound your competition with an all-out assault of 27 rounds in seconds! Deadly accuracy is assured and body counts will climb when you pull this bad boy out of its holster. The full-metal slide and parts body add amazing realism to this 'killer' weapon. See the video below of the 1911 airsoft blowback gun with black trigger in action.

Looks and feels just like the real things. This gas blowback airsoft gun is awesome! High capacity heavy weight with metal slide. This model is very sturdy, weighing just under 2 pounds for a realistic feel. Fantastic attention to detail and realism make this a great primary weapon or sidearm for you snipers out there. It has a black finish.

This is a Gas Airsoft Pistol which means that it uses CO2 or Green Gas as a propellant. This gun uses CO2. It shoots hard and fast and is extremely lifelike. One feature many Gas Airsoft Guns have is blowback, meaning that as the BB is propelled forward the slide thrusts backward mimicking the kick of a real gun! This Hi Capa 5.1 gas pistol doesn't require any pumping just simply point and shoot.

Plastic parts include: grip, magazine base plate and blow back cylinder. Everything else....METAL. This new custom airsoft 1911 weighs the same as the real 1911 .45 ACP. When you pick it up you will be checking the chamber to make sure it is really an airsoft gun. The feel of this gun is amazing. Constructed of metal both internally and externally. The biggest plastic part is the ABS grip styled after the polymer double stack frame. Rack the slide and hear the pure metallic sound as the heavy slide slams home. Squeeze the trigger and the whole gun rocks back sending a jolt down the length of your arm! We did note that due to the large volume of gas needed to push the slide back that the gas temperature dropped quickly when the gun was fired rapidly. Therefore it is suggested that you do not try to empty the entire magazine in one go but fire in bursts to keep the gas from cooling and losing power. Double taps work great! Rear sight is fully adjustable for windage and elevation. Features a railed frame for mounting flashlights and lasers.

1/1 Scale
High Performance
Gas Blowback Gun
Air Model Firearm

Airsoft Gas Pistol Ultra Grade Heavy Blowback Hop Up

Length: 9 inches (222 mm)
Weight: 1.97 Punds (894 g)
Bullet Size: 6 MM
Capacity: 27 rounds
FPS: 300

Interested in more airsoft? See Trend Times full line of airsoft guns and of airsoft gear. Airsoft Store Disclaimer - This portion must be read before any purchase is made. This store is a purveyor of airsoft replica products, which comply with Federal and State legislation and is not a firearm merchant. In order to purchase an airsoft replica product from this store, you must be at least 18 years of age. Under no circumstance will this store sell to minors. The purchaser of any Airsoft guns from Trend Times must be 18 years of age and is aware of any local or state law(s) governing the use of the products and that there are no laws that prohibit owning or purchasing airsoft related products in his/her respective jurisdiction. All airsoft replica products come with a permanent safety orange painted muzzle and any and all trademarks have been removed in accordance to Federal law. Any alteration or modification will violate state and/or federal law and will void any and all warranties. Under Federal law, any use of an airsoft replica product used in a crime, will be equivalent to the use of an actual firearm or weapon. This store will be held harmless and free of any and all legal action arising from the use or purchase of this store's products. Safety glasses, face, and head protection must be used when playing with airsoft guns.
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