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More Info on Robosapien
Loaded with attitude and intelligence, Robosapien is the first robot based on the science of applied biomorphic robotics.

1. Diagnostic mode 1

to activate.

1. hold left sensor 2. turn on robosapien 3. within 5 seconds press right sensor 4 times. *. robosapien will say HEY to indicate hes now in diagnostic mode.

once activated.

1. left sensor test, press left sensor 3 times. 2. right sensor test, press right sensor 3 times. 3. right arm extend test 4. left arm extend test 5. right arm up test 6. left arm up test 7. sonic sensor,. wait for sound. when sound head activate test 8 8. walk forward test. 9. infrared test. wait for infrared. when infrared recieved test 10. 10. speaker tone test 11. reset ready for use.

2. Diagnostic mode 2

to activate.

1. hold left sensor 2. turn on robosapien 3. within 5 seconds press left sensor 4 times. *. robosapien will say HEY and then whistle to indicate he’s now in diag. mode 2.

once activated.

1. press right sensor. will beep if sensor okay 2. extend right arm outwards manually, burp on half extend, wowee on full extend (claw open) * leave arm up fully and extended (claw open) 3. press left sensor. will beep if sensor okay 4. extend left arm outwards manually, yeah on half extend, fart on full extend (claw open) * leave arm up fully and extended (claw open) 5. automatic right arm test 6. automatic left arm test 7. automatic lean right test 8. automatic lean left test 10. automatic lean forwards test 11. automatic lean backwards test 12. make loud noise, sonic test owha if okay 13. press remote key, infrared test owha if okay 14. press left sensor to complete test mode and return to ready for use mode.

3. Autonomous walking program



4. Samba move

Press forward walking Press left turn or right turn Robosapien will now make a samba move and a large turn

5. Automatic Robot Sentry

In “Listen” mode, your Robosapien will wait for over 2 hours before getting bored and shutting down. You can “link in” the listen modes up to 14 times using the regular P program,; the following is an example of how to make your robot “guard” a hallway for hours and always stay in place.

Press S> Select – Select – LeftTurn (Strike3 on the right controller side) Select – Listen Select – Select – Stop (Roar) Select – Listen Select – Select – RightTurn (Strike3 on the left controller side) Select – Backwards STOP Press P Press S> 14 times or until the robot says “Ooo! Uh-Huh!”

Robosapien will now enter a mode where he will wait against a wall and strike anything that passes by, occasionally stepping back into place against the wall. He will do this 42 times before finally stopping. Press STOP to deactivate. Press P> to play again. Change the S> reflex to the following for more in-your-face action.

Press S> Select – Select – Stop (Roar) Select – Forwards Select – Forwards Select – Select – LeftTurn (Strike3 on the right controller side) Select – Select – RightTurn (Strike3 on the left controller side) Backwards STOP P>

Robosapien will now awaken, come forward and attack, then return to his place at the wall. Many such programs are possible.

Have fun!

Also in PDF file

6. Ninja Bots

Bought two Robosapiens but can’t get them to fight because the controllers are on the same frequency? Here’s a simple modification using household materials that allows your robot to fight, with a friend or against another robot in automatic mode.

1 - Take a standard toilet-roll tube and cut it down the middle. 2 – Squeeze it onto Robosapien’s head as shown below.

The robot will now only be controllable from behind. Two or more robots can be controlled this way without interfering with each other.

NOTE: Be sure to always point the remote directly at the back Robosapien’s head when playing.


1 - The right hand is designed to tightly hold on to a standard paper-roll tube without dropping it. When used in conjunction with Robosapien’s fighting moves, it makes a very satisfying “bop” noise when it connects.

2 – Extend the range of your robot’s reception by putting tinfoil around the inside of the tube.

3 – Print out and put a face on your tube with team names or expressions.

An example “face” is shown above.

4 – Use the same trick to make your Robosapien an automatic sentry who will attack any incoming aggressor (like another robot), but won’t listen to your remote from the front.

With the tube in place, and standing behind your sentry, type in the following…

Press S> Select - forward Select – Select – STRIKE3 (left) Select – Select – STRIKE3 (right) Select – Select – STOP Select – backwards P> STOP P

Press S> 14 times or until Robosapien says “Ooo, Uh Huh!” The robot will now attack anything that touches it for up to 14 times. Press STOP to end, press P> to play again. Try programming S> with different fight move combinations to improve your robot’s skills and tactics. You can program R> and L> also.

Have fun.

Designed by a scientist, Robosapien is ready to go right out of the box (just install his batteries). He comes to life at a touch of the ergonomically designed remote controller! Command him to perform one of his pre-programmed functions or program your own sequence of functions.

The only limitation is your own imagination.

About Robosapien: Robosapien is packed with an awesome number of features made possible by advanced technologies:

Fluid motions and gestures: fast dynamic 2-speed walking and turning; full-function arms with two types of grippers.

67 pre-programmed functions: pick-up, throw, kick, dance, kung-fu, fart, belch, rap and more; 3 demonstration modes.

Fully programmable on remote control: Up to 84 program steps with 4 program modes for advanced operations; programmable “reflexes” to sound and touch stimuli.

Fluent international “caveman” speech.

Extended battery life.

About Mark Tilden: Mark W. Tilden is perhaps most well known for his invention of BEAM robotics. He is a controversial robotics physicist, who produces complex robotic movements from simple logic circuits, often all on the single logic chip and without a microprocessor.

This UK-born immigrant to Canada started at the University of Waterloo, then moved onto the Los Alamos National Laboratory where he developed robots such as the SAT bot, which aligns itself to the magnetic field of the earth and is meant for grids. He now works at Wow-Wee toys making biomorphic robot-based toys such as the B.I.O. Bug and the RoboSapien.

Mark and his robots have been featured on several television specials, such as "Robots Rising" (Discovery), "The Shape of Life" (PBS), "TechnoSpy" (TLC), and "Extreme Machines - Incredible Robots" (TLC).

Tilden also did the technical consulting for the robot scenes of the movie Tomb Raider.
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